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Bollard Covers

A lightweight and cost-effective way to advertise


    Assembled in seconds, our bollard covers provide a lightweight and cost-effective way to advertise in car parks and pedestrianised areas. Sometimes referred to as toblerone signs, pillar covers or bollard boxes.

    Our bollard covers are made from corrugated 4mm Correx, with flutes running vertically for stability and strength. All covers are machine-cut, and each fold is machine-creased, for precision, accuracy and speed.

    The graphics are printed direct-to-board, and can be assembled in seconds.


    Until March 2022, each bollard cover included a 30mm adhesive tab with attached double-sided tape, used to hold the cover together. As the product is delivered flat-packed, the cover needed to be assembled and the adhesive tab applied at point of install.

    However, as of March 2022, we are able to offer an 'interlocking' mechanism that requires no adhesive tape, and so allows the covers to be taken apart quickly with no damage, and re-used whenever needed. These are now provided as standard, unless otherwise requested.

    Bespoke Sizes

    If you would prefer to create your own size, please let us know:

    • How many sides you will be having
    • The width of each side
    • The height of the cover

    Please note, our typical maximum overall size for boards on Correx is a width of 1200mm, and the 96.5mm allowance for interlocking tabs must be factored within this size.

    Correx sheets that accommodate a larger size may be available, but please ask us if you need a larger size.

    If you require bollard covers in specific size or shape, please contact us for more information.

    Bollard Cover Set
    Bollard Cover Set

    Downloads and Files

    Bollard Cover Square 100mm Templates13.9mb
    Bollard Cover Square 150mm Templates13.8mb
    Bollard Cover Square 200mm Templates13.7mb
    Bollard Cover Square 250mm Templates13.5mb
    Bollard Cover Square 280mm Templates13.7mb
    Bollard Cover Triangle 100mm Templates13.8mb
    Bollard Cover Triangle 150mm Templates13.7mb
    Bollard Cover Triangle 200mm Templates13.4mb