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Scratch Cards

Get your customers scratching


    Scratch cards are a great way to interact with your customers, let's face it, we all like a good scratch. Our scratch cards come in a handy pocket 100x50mm size in full colour both sides. Whether you're giving away free meals, drinks, admission or even a weekend away, you'll grab your customer's attention. Production of scratch cards is not a high-security line of work and therefore it is not recommended for prizes of high value.

    Please note: when choosing the quantity, you are ordering copies of the same artwork. It is not possible to split set quantities across several designs. If you'd like different designs / prizes, add more than 1 order to your basket.

    Seven easy steps to designing a perfect scratch promotion…
    Our scratch cards are really versatile – you're in complete control over how they work.
    Answer these questions to get going…

    1. What are you trying to achieve?
    You might be trying to win new customers or get more repeat business from existing customers. It helps if you know what you want to get out of it.

    2. What prizes are you offering?
    Your customer could have the same ‘prize' on every scratch card, but that kind of defeats the purpose. We suggest having multiple sets for different prizes. It's best to think of the prizes as mini-offers or an alternative loyalty scheme so maybe suggest that your customer gives something free with a purchase, or money off a product or service. We don't recommend putting cash prizes or anything of particularly high value under the panel.

    3. What goes under the panel?
    What you put under the panel is up to you. It could just be words or you might try something more engaging like a game.

    4. How many losers will you have?
    You have complete control over the mix of winners and losers. It depends on the value of the star prize you're giving away. Nobody likes to go away empty handed, so maybe give your losers some sort of consolation prize – a discount or a ‘roll again'.

    5. What size?
    Our scratch cards now come in a whole range of sizes, from business card up to A5. Most people choose Regular, which at 100x50mm, is about the same size as a lottery scratch card. Simply choose the size you want, then buy one set for each message you want under the panel. Mix and match quantities – they don't have to all be the same.

    6. What's your theme?
    The best scratch card promotions use a theme and a game that's relevant to the business. Or maybe tap into the season? A Christmas cracker? A winter getaway. A new year bonanza. Or ready for Valentine's day love?

    7. What will you put on the back?
    Either terms and conditions or use the back as a data capture form to increase your mailing list. Get people to give you their name, email and other details when they claim their prize. Perhaps have a second competition for any losing cards to go into a draw to win a different prize. This in turn enables you to establish and implement effective and appropriate marketing campaigns.